Office Visits

fotolia_47438074Early prenatal care is important.  Call us to schedule an appointment as soon as you find out you are pregnant.  In the beginning of a normal pregnancy, we will see a patient each month up until 28 weeks; visits will then change to every 2 weeks until 36 weeks.  Patients will then be seen weekly until delivery.  Depending on how your pregnancy is progressing your physician may alter this schedule. 

At your first visit you can expect a complete discussion on medical history and an ultrasound; some doctors will perform the physical on that visit as well.  Patients will undergo a pap smear, blood/urine test and chlamydia/gonorrhea cultures if needed.  We will also discuss your options for genetic testing should you have interest in this service.

At subsequent visits we will take a patient’s blood pressure, weight, examine urine for sugar, protein and evidence of bacteria.  When appropriate we will measure the uterine size and listen to the baby's heart rate. 

There are some other specific dates for testing:

  • 12-13 weeks – this is when a Nuchal Translucency test should be performed if desired.  See genetic testing section for details and an explanation of the test.

  • 16 weeks – Quad screen test should be performed if desired.  See genetic testing section.

  • 20 weeks – routine screening ultrasound for anatomy through our office or St. Luke’s perinatal office, depending on the pregnancy/physician.

  • 27-28 weeks – Gestational diabetes screen will be performed.

  • 28 weeks – Rhogam injection given if patient has negative Rh blood type.

  • 35-37 weeks – Group B Strep screen is performed. 

What is my due date?
We can calculate your due date based on the first day of your last menstrual period.  This date is only an approximation and may be changed based on early exams and sonograms.  We will perform an ultrasound at your first visit to establish that date.  On average a normal pregnancy will last 40 weeks; however, it is normal for your baby to arrive 1-2 weeks before or after the due date.